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  • 100% Fresh Honey for Kidz 375ml

    Lady K 100% Honey Code: LK105 375ml Plastic Quality raw honey, not heated, nor filtered at any stage.  All the goodness of nature, vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been retained.  Some natural pollen and beeswax particles may be present, these are clean, edible and good for you. R65.00 incl Vat
  • Gift Hampers (Face Cream 50ml + Perfume 60ml)

    Lady K Gift Hamper 2 (LK001(a) Cream, LK003 Perfume)                                              Code: LK015(b) 1 x Code: LK001(a) Plastic Jar Facial Cream - Natural moisturising face cream for everyday maintaining of healthy skin.  Enhance Blood Circulation against Aging.  Reduces dark pigmentation, removes pimples & marks, good for eczema and acne. 1 x Code: LK003 Glass Perfume for Women - Lady K in the Valley, a soft flower fragrance, bringing the charm and warmth from a woman.  Adored by the natural smell of nature sprayed on your body, leaving a trace of flower essence wherever you go. R150.00 incl Vat