COVID essentials,70% Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Apply to hand and rub into skin until dry.

This product can also be used on surfaces like toilet seats, door handles, flush knobs, taps, and gym equipment. When used as recommended Foamy Hand Sanitizer kills unwanted germs and bacteria, leaving you and your area safe from germs.

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  • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 230ml (70ml FREE)

    Lady K Hand Sanitizer 230ml - GET 70ML FREE Code: LK108 - 70% Alcohol Plastic Cool, Floral Fresh, Anti-Bacterial, Non Sticky hand sanitizer with floating hand massage colourful spheres. Kills 99% Germs.  Used for harmful bacteria & germs instantly,  Non-Sticky formula.  Best to use at home, school, offices and while travelling.  Handy use without water and soap.  Moisturizes and softening skin.
  • Washable Material Face Shield Masks (Adults & Children)

    Lady K Washable Face Shield Mask Code: LK3002 Used as an Eye and Mouth protection against bacteria and viruses.  Washable, stainless material. Available in sizes from Adults from 12 years old to Children from 3 to 11 years old.  Protect your loved ones. Method of Use:  Remove the mask and wash.