High Rollers Trading and Projects CC

was established in 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa for the purposes of producing and selling its Lady K branded range of Herbal products.

The composition of The Lady K Cancer Bush Herbal products was developed by the then renowned Herbalist and Homeopathic Practitioner Dr. AC Viljoen. The now-retired Dr. Viljoen practiced herbal remedies since 1973.

Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens) known as Kankerbos by the ingenious Koisan and Nama people of Southern Africa has been used for centuries for a variety of common issues. It has powerful immune-boosting properties and has been classifies as an adaptogen.
Cancer Bush very effective with issues that are associated with impaired immune function, blood circulation, stress, or general debility of the body.


High Rollers Trading and Projects CC will provide the customer with Total Quality Excellence of Herbal products, cosmetics, and service that fully meets their expectations in every respect and is superior in value to that which can be obtained elsewhere.

We strive to be the lowest cost, highest quality organization and thus generate the necessary income to satisfy the aims and aspirations of our stakeholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

We will conduct our business with total integrity, ensuring that we meet our vision and values.

We will train and develop local people as part of our skills transfer program.

Our Vision is to be a preferred provider of Cancer Bush Herbal Cosmetics and Drops and purified water related products to customers who demand quality and exceptional value.

Integrity and honesty are our foundation for any decisions and actions.


To make available our products and services into the Herbal and alternativeherbal market through the Online Buying Network, National, and International Retail Groups.

Provide our clients with quality products and services while maintaining profitability.

To have over 50% of the herbal market by 2030.

Our growth strategy is built around a marketing initiative that empowers our clients to become agents of our products.

We have set aggressive but achievable sales growth strategies for the first five years of market entry.

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